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not a good day

Friday, October 10

Assalamualikum ? holla people , Ya Allah i miss my blog so much xD idk why but after I change the cions and picture to Who Is Next i felt like blogging is not fun anymore :c; haish fak idk what happen to me today because everything is going to be wrong . What da . i prefer english because i hate english ouo . whut ? im pening or crazy enough . i hate it yet i loooove it . huh , everything ruined my day .

why do people loves to betray other people . yaish they hate it but they do it . gosh im mad . im crazy . im mentally broken right now . stress perhaps . next  week is exam and i just study a little . i scared my sejarah Dx .scared2 pun kau blogging kenapa ? cause it has been a long time i didnt post ! ugh . i hate myself . i hope that i just got ngap by a tiger or maybe lion or other carnivorous live on this earth bruhhhhhh .

Luhan left exo ! whut ? i know this will happen but its too early :'o i hate the feeling when i have to watch the other typical exo drama when there's another member of that group having trouble . gosh hate it . exo pls disband . im not hating all of yuh but u guys alr suffer a lot and u guys need rest . too early ? no such thing as too early . u guys really wanna suffer and let ur member one by one left the group until 2025 ? no , pls

yea today is just not a good day . i wanna felt happy and wanna leave the stress of school and surf the internet bfr i know abt luhan ge u.u yaish i hate this feeling . i felt like wanna jump off the cliff . well i not really terkesan with the luhan thingy but im so stress out . yea what ever . Junhoe is mine ♡


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